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We Heart: The Hilarious Menstrual Equity Musical “Keep Calm and Tampon”

As we continue to forge ahead and fight for worldwide gender equality, let’s keep calm and tampon. Menstrual equity might just be the perfect starting point for a global, political movement for women’s rights—and we may find some laughs along the way.
— Carmen Rios - Ms. Magazine
A lot of social service organizations are led by men, and they don’t necessarily think of pads or tampons as being an urgent need for the women they serve.
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Incarcerated women in Arizona will now receive 36 free sanitary pads a month, instead of the 12 they were originally given, according to the state’s Department of Corrections.
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Women are protesting in London today to call for an end to period poverty

The aim is to make sanitary towels and tampons free to those who need it most: Girls from low-income families who are already receiving free school meals.
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People Across The Country Are Handing Out Tampons To Homeless Women

Homeless women often can’t afford menstrual hygiene products and shelters rarely get donations of pads and tampons even though they’re in high demand.